Chamber music has been a fantastic way for me to enjoy making music with friends, arrange, compose, and travel.

In 2013, I was asked by Nick Walkley to help him set up his idea, Aedelfrith. The name meant nothing to me then - and even now I struggle to pronouunce it properly - but it now stands for an enormous amount. It takes inspiration from the make-up of the British Isles, but with a focus on the people of Scandinavia and the Celts. Fascinated by the constant changing identity that Britain enjoys, Nick wanted to form a way of exploring this through music.... this, is Aedelfrith.

The basic setup is a standard brass quintet, however we pride ourselves on collaborating with other specialist areas including singers, percussionists, and electro-acousticians. The result is that we can give unique recitals, and this was rewarded in 2013 when we won the Worshipful Company of Musicians Brass Ensemble Award at the Royala Academy of Music. I continue to learn as we expand our repertoire and give recitals, keep an eye out on facebok, twitter etc for Nick's updates.


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